Resonators Without Judgment, Free Voice Has No Gender

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A playful way to approach voice and resonance in order to free voice and achieve extended vocal range, through Linklater and Roy Hart vocal practices.



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Indira Pensado

Indira Pensado is an actor, director and voice teacher.

Since 2000, she has conducted voice workshops around Mexico, Argentina, Singapore and the US. She has performed in Mexico, Sweden, Germany, Costa Rica, United States and Singapore.  Indira Trained with Kozana Lucca from the Roy Hart Theater, with whom she has also developed a methodology for offering this work. She is a DLT since 2012, trained by Antonio Ocampo, Andrea Haring and Kristin Linklater. As an actor and director she´s known by the powerful use of voice and body for stage. She is currently teaching at National School of Theater, ENAT in Mexico City, is part of the group of professors at Intercultural Theater Institute, Singapore and a member of Voice and Speech Trainers Association, VASTA. 

She has received the Grant Scenic Creators with Trayectory on 2016, from FONCA.

She is currently training Roy Hart with Jonathan Hart.

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