“Unbecoming” Performance



Company of Wolves presents a solo work by Anna Porubcansky.

Unbecoming is a performance about loss and rage, told by a woman and a mother.

Rage, at all we become when we don’t have a choice. Loss, of all we haven’t become. And how we unbecome.

Using traditional song, soundscape, myth and movement, Unbecoming is a dreamworld, a rich and sublime
space where image, memory, desire and fear all reside. Watch a woman unravel, layer upon layer stripped
away; a human, unmasked.

How much of what we are is what we’ve chosen to be?

“genuinely powerful … a captivating portrait of a woman caught in the dissonance of contradictory desires”
-The List

“Anna Porubcansky’s… looping and overlaying of recorded layers and real-time vocalisings echoed the complex
layers of a woman caught in a swithering vortex of choices and desires” – The Herald


PLEASE NOTE: Tickets sold at the door (cash only) will be subject to availability, so booking in advance is strongly recommended. 

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