Orkney Japan Mini Festival – Japanese Calligraphy Workshop and Japanese Folk Story by Jun Doi and Tom Muir (Afternoon)

Date:October 5 2022
Time:1:00pm - 4:00pm
Price: £45.00


Japanese Ancient Script Calligraphy Workshop and Japanese Folk Story

By Jun Doi and Tom Muir 


Japan-based calligrapher Jun Doi and Orcadian storyteller Tom Muir will meet for the first time in Orkney to collaborate on a workshop. Jun Doi will create calligraphic art inspired by Tom’s story. 


Participants of the workshop will learn to create calligraphy based on the ancient “Oracle Bone” script under the guidance of Jun Doi from Japan. Each participant will make a piece of calligraphy that they can take home. In addition, a further large piece of calligraphy will be made as a collaboration work by all the participants.


Calligraphy is one of the most highly esteemed traditional arts in Japan and has many forms. The form called “Oracle Bones” is based on ancient Kanji, Chinese characters that came to Japan many hundreds of years ago.

Jun Doi will explain how Kanji evolved from early pictographs (pictures resembling what they signify) and show participants how to use all the different tools, starting with brushes and ink.


No experience is required, and all materials will be provided. Please wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty because ink stains won’t wash out. Free hot drinks and biscuits will also be provided.

If you have questions, please contact

The ‘Orkney Japan Mini Festival’ is a project initiated by the Orkney Japan Association (OJA). The Kristin Linklater Voice Centre is pleased to be hosting this series of workshops in partnership with OJA.

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