Linklater Live Warm Up

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Enjoy a 1-hour vocal warm-up – release tensions, develop resonance, and wake up your vocal range to find a more personal presence in your voice.



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Valerie Madden

Valerie Madden is a Designated Linklater Voice Teacher, an actor, and a theatre educator. Madden was designated as a Linklater Voice teacher at the Linklater Voice Center in Orkney, Scotland in 2019.  She earned her MFA in Theatre Education from Emerson College in 2020. She currently teaches voice and text at Emerson College. Madden also teaches private voice lessons online and at her in-home studio in Boston, Massachusetts.

Previously Madden taught at Shakespeare & Company, where she directed over a dozen shows for their education department. Madden worked as a facilitator for Anna DeavereSmith’s “Notes from the Field: Doing Time In Education” at the American Repertory Theater, engaging with audience members in conversations about the school-to-prison pipeline.

Madden’s research interests centre on how teachers’ voices affect student learning in the K-12setting.

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