Linklater Voice warm up with Margarete Aszmuth

Date:October 13 2022
Time:4pm BST
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This week’s Linklater Voice® Voice and Body warm is led by Designated Linklater teacher Margarete Aszmuth

“Laughing through the resonating ladder”

Each week’s start time is 4 pm BST – please check your own timezone using our useful converter.

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Ann Marie White

Ann Marie Pollard is a voice and movement coach based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Ann Marie serves as the Resident Voice, Text, and Dialect Coach for the Nebraska Repertory Theatre and as an Assistant Professor of Practice in Voice, Movement, and Acting at the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

With a Master of Music in Vocal Performance and a Master of Fine Arts in Voice Studies, Ann Marie enjoys exploring the spectrum between speech and song, supporting lawyers, teachers, and performers in fully realizing their vocal potential. She works with private clients in person and online through her home studio Voice: Realized (

Viewing the voice as movement in the body, Ann Marie supports physical therapy clients in using their voice to regulate internal pressure, find stability, ease, mobility, and freedom in movement. Her yoga teaching allows her practices to integrate the inspirations and expressions of the mind, body, and voice to move through the human instrument in harmony. 

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