Linklater Live on Demand Video (Selection of 4)

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NB: Please note that this pack of On-Demand Linklater Live recordings, does not feature within our Easter 2022 offer.  


This purchase includes 4 varied video recordings of previous Linklater Live warm-ups

selected for you to view via Vimeo in any order at a time that suits you.

Available to purchase NOW

Video 1: Playful warm-up with words with Judy Shahn

Video 2: Linklater Live from Italy with Alessandro Fabrizi (Italian & English)

Video 3: A Linklater Live Warm-up with Valerie Madden

Video 4: Un Calentamiento Nervioso with Antonio Ocampo-Guzman (Spanish but easy to follow)

These will be available until further notice.

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