Introductory Linklater Voice Technique – Christine Adaire

Date:November 11-13 2022
Time:Friday - Sunday 8 am - 3pm PDT / 4pm - 11pm GMT
Price: £330.00




You have the desire and curiosity to explore the possibilities of your voice. No previous Linklater Voice training is necessary. You need to be fluent enough in English to follow Christine’s instructions.

Introductory Linklater Voice Technique introduces you to the full progression of the Kristin Linklater Voice method. You will gain an understanding of the exercises and vocabulary that we know as the Linklater Voice method. Our workshops are open to all and this is your starting point if you have not participated in any Linklater Voice workshops before or if it has been some time and you’d like a refresher. There are no prerequisites for this workshop just an interest in voice and what Linklater Voice can do for you.


The workshop begins with exercises designed to awaken a sensory and imagistic relationship with your voice. The progression of exercises begins with physical awareness (locating tension and releasing it), awareness of breath, experiencing sound in the body, and releasing tension in the throat, the jaw, the tongue and the soft palate. The second half of the progression is focused on strengthening and developing the voice. You will explore the resonating cavities in your chest, mouth and teeth. You will expand your breath capacity to explore your higher resonators: sinus, nasal and skull. Articulation is the last part of the progression which will enable you to explore a free connection between your thoughts, your feelings and your voice.

The objective of the voice work is a voice that is in direct contact with emotional impulse, shaped by the intellect but not restricted by it. As we work with releasing the voice through the body, we will work viscerally with language and text, transforming communication and awakening interpretive skills.

These exercises include adapted physical movements from many somatic disciplines, including floor relaxation, dropping down the spine, arm swings and other physical activities. All of these can be adjusted to individual physical needs.

What Do I Need:

Space: enough floor space to stretch your arms and legs out, whether on the floor or whilst standing.

Loose comfortable clothing suitable for physical exercise: No belts. No jeans.

Bring a Poem that You Have Learned by Heart: Choose a poem (no more than 14 lines) that has a particular meaning for you. Something that you need to speak right now. It can be a cutting of a longer poem. If English is not your first language, the text can be in whatever language you prefer.

You will be asked to upload a copy of your text and an English translation (if applicable) at least 14 days before the workshop start date via the additional pack which will be sent out from our information platform. Please have this ready to upload as a pdf and a copy can always be sent to


The 18-hour workshop runs 7 hours per day – Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11, 12, 13 November 2022.

One session per day, with a one-hour break for lunch. Any additional comfort breaks will be agreed upon within the workshop:

GMT – 4 pm – 7 pm – break – 8 pm – 11 pm

EST  – 11 am – 2pm – break – 3 pm – 6 pm 

PST  – 8 am – 11 am – break – 12 pm – 3 pm 

Use our timezone converter for your own start times.

Designated Linklater Teacher:

Christine Adaire has been a Designated Linklater Voice Teacher since 1987 and a founding member of KLVC. She has worked as an actor, voice/dialect coach, and director in many American regional theatres, including The Old Globe, Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, the Guthrie Theater, Chicago Shakespeare, the Goodman Theatre, Lyric Opera (Chicago), Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Steppenwolf, Theatre for a New Audience (NYC), Santa Cruz Shakespeare and La Jolla Playhouse. She is a proud member of Actor’s Equity Association for over forty years. 

Christine was most recently Head of Voice at American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco and has held faculty appointments at DePaul University, National Theatre School of Canada (Montreal), University of Massachusetts–Amherst, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, and Roosevelt University. Her international teaching credits include classes and workshops for Shanghai Theatre Academy (China), Toi Whakaari (National Theatre School of New Zealand), King’s College in collaboration with the Old Vic Theatre (London), Institut del Theatre and Escuela Eolia (Barcelona), Teatro Guindelero (Madrid), Birmingham City University – School of Acting (Birmingham, U.K.). 

Her current area of research and writing is Gender Affirming Voice. She works with transgender/gender diverse individuals so they can discover the voice that most fully expresses who they are.  She is a contributing writer to the 3rd Edition (2019) Voice and Communication Therapy for the Transgender/ Gender Diverse Client: A Comprehensive Clinical Guide, (Plural Publishing).


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