Linklater Voice warm up with Maria Bigeriego

Date:December 15 2022
Time:4pm GMT
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This week’s Linklater Voice® Voice and Body warm is led by Designated Linklater teacher Maria Bigeriego.


KLVC hosts the Linklater Live each week’s at 4 pm GMT – please check your own timezone using our useful converter.

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Maria Bigeriego

Maria graduated in Drama at the International school of actor Juan Carlos Corazza in Madrid. She was designated by Kristin Linklater as a Linklater teacher in 2015. She works as a voice and movement teacher in different Drama Schools in Spain. She was graduated in 1999 as a classical dancer at the Real Conservatory of dance in Sevilla. She has continued exploring contemporary dance, flamenco, Eurithmy, Michael Chejov technique. She works as an actress in plays related with music, movement and text.

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