Advanced Linklater Voice Technique & Text – Judith Shahn

Date:October 28-30 2022
Time:Friday - Sunday 8am - 3pm PDT / 4pm -11pm BST
Price: £330.00




This class is designed for those who are familiar enough with Introductory Linklater Voice work and are motivated for new challenges with the voice. Online or residential Introductory to Linklater Voice is needed or other intensive work with Linklater Voice.

For Example:

      Residential Introductory Linklater Voice Technique Workshop covering the full voice progression of the Linklater Voice Technique

–       Completion of our online Introductory Linklater Voice Technique and Deeper Dive workshops

      Or at least one semester of Linklater Voice in an undergrad or grad program taught by a Designated Linklater Teacher


    Interest in voice development and its application to text.

    Fluent ENOUGH in English to follow Judith’s instructions.


The 18-hour workshop runs 7 hours per day – Friday, Saturday and Sunday 28, 29, 30 October 2022

One session per day, with a one-hour break for lunch. Any additional comfort breaks will be agreed upon within the workshop:

BST – 4 pm – 7 pm – break – 8 pm – 11 pm

Please Note: On Sunday 30 October, due to the clock change in the UK this session will start at 3 pm (GMT)

EDT  – 11 am – 2pm – break – 3 pm – 6 pm 

PDT  – 8 am – 11 am – break – 12 pm – 3 pm 

Use our timezone converter for your own start times.



In Advanced Voice, we build on Kristin’s Linklater Voice technique. Kristin Linklater teaches us that the resonating ladder can be developed one rung at a time so we can ultimately find a three to four octave range of expression through the voice.

In this workshop, we dare to live in the revealing upper resonators. This takes more physical freedom, more breath capacity, more energy and more willingness to be seen and heard. 

What happens when you’ve got more complex words and images that demand a deeper sense of your own truth? Can your breath capacity respond to longer thoughts in heightened texts or more emotional content in poetic verse?  Can your neck, head, jaw and tongue get out of the way of the uninterrupted flow of your voice, so words with powerful content can be communicated?

Join us for our Advanced Voice Technique & Text workshop where all will be revealed!

Be advised that exercises include adapted yoga positions, floor relaxation, arm-swings and other physical activities. All these can be adjusted to individual physical needs.

What Do I Need:

Space – enough floor space to stretch out on the floor and move around the room.

Loose comfortable clothing suitable for physical exercise. No belts. No jeans.

The workshop is very physical. Please let Judith know if you have limitations and she will help you adapt.

14-18 lines of text you are strongly connected to.

Learn By Heart:

Please learn by heart 14 lines of a Shakespeare monologue or any other heightened text you connect strongly with. If English is not your native language, then feel free to speak the text in your own language.

You will be asked to upload a copy of your text and an English translation (if applicable) at least 14 days before the workshop start date via the additional information which will be sent out from our information platform. Please have this ready to upload as a pdf and in addition a copy can always be sent to

Designated Linklater Teacher:

Judith Shahn, a Designated Linklater Voice teacher since 1991 has been co-teaching Advanced Voice with Kristin at the Centre here in Orkney since 2018. As a highly regarded teacher of Linklater Voice she continues on the faculty to maintain the highest standard of workshop delivery as we continue the legacy of Kristin’s work.

Already this year Judith has led online offerings, our residential Advanced Voice and Sound & Movement workshops and also was Faculty for one of the Designation teams, training voice teachers to become Designated Linklater teachers.

Outside of the work she does for the Kristin Linklater Voice Centre Judy is Faculty-Emerita with the graduate actor training program at The University of Washington and still teaches Persuasive Communication there in the School of Law. She is an actor, director and dialect coach and has worked extensively at The Seattle Repertory Theatre, Intiman Theatre, ACT in Seattle and at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the Utah Shakespearean Festival and Shakespeare and Company. She has her own private practice:


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      Judith Shahn

      Judith Shahn has been a Designated Linklater teacher since 1991, taught voice, speech, dialects and Shakespeare in the graduate actor training program at The University of Washington for 26 years. She retired in 2016 as Senior Lecturer, Emerita. In addition, she is a dialect & voice coach for professional theatres, including Seattle Repertory Theatre, ACT Theatre and many Seattle area theatres. She has coached many productions of Shakespeare at The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, The Utah Shakespearean Festival, Shakespeare & Company and The University of Washington. Judith is an actor as well and recently performed in an all-female production of Coriolanus in Seattle. Judith has taught Linklater voice workshops internationally in Mexico and Brazil and assisted and co-taught with Kristin at the KLVC for several years.

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